Choosing the Right Types of Pallet Upenders and Tippers for Your Business

When it comes to choosing equipment for your warehouse, you are flooded with a lot of options. Whether you are replacing existing equipment or investing in a new one, you need to weigh your options and choose the one that best suit your requirements.

Need for Tippers and Upenders

Now, before you purchase the first tippers or Upenders that you come across, it is advisable to understand why these machines are important for your business. Not all models that you see online will serve your purpose.

When it comes to choosing a pallet tipper, ensure that you purchase from companies such as TopIndustries headquartered in Dave, Florida. You can either opt for the mobile or the stationary versions. If you are confused about which model of the tippers would work best with your business, the company will allow you to try your products with their machines and then make the decision.

These tippers make an excellent choice when:

  • You need to replace heavy loads
  • If you are looking at reducing labour time and improving the productivity
  • If you are looking at reducing workplace injuries caused by manual intervention
  • If you are looking at delivering undamaged and good-quality products to your customers

Pallet tippers can be used either for tilting the loads or changing the pallets. Now you might ask what the difference between the two is. Pallet changers help you to change the pallets underneath the load by turning the pallets between 90° to 130°

Pallet inverters, on the other hand, tilt the entire load to up to 180° and then transfer the load, stack pallets and transfer them within the warehouse.

When you are using the tipper for the tilting purpose:

  • The load is carried with a forklift and placed on the machine
  • It is clamped on 3 sides and rotated at 180°
  • The old pallet gets replaced with the new one
  • The load is brought back to its original position

When you are using the tipper for the inverting purpose:

  • The load is carried with a forklift or pallet jack
  • It is clamped on 2 sides and tilted at 130°
  • The old pallet is separated from the goods and can be replaced manually with the new one

Common Type of Pallet Tippers

Pallet tippers can be of two types:

  • Mobile
  • Automatic

Mobile pallet tippers are movable trucks that are used for flip and replace operations. The load is placed on the truck, the operator uses the control panel to flip the product at 180°. The operator then replaces the old pallet with the new one and brings the load back to its original position.

Automatic pallet tippers are perfect to rotate and replace heavy loads. There is no manual intervention and the pallets are flipped and replaced within a few minutes. These are considered to be completely safe and can help reduce workplace accidents.

TopIndustries offers a lot of updates about their new products and technologies on their Linkedin account. You can follow on Linkedin and gather information on any new products that might be of interest to your business.


Pallet tippers can help ease your load. They can help your business focus on delivering the goods to your customers.