Tips for using Instagram into your advertising and recruitment strategies

Although Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are common places for organisations and recruiters to post about available positions, you might be missing out on some really exceptional candidates by ignoring Instagram’s vast user base and engaging features. Instagram’s visual allure may surprise you by attracting both active and passive prospects and assisting in your workplace branding efforts.

Even if millennials aren’t a part of your target market, Instagram is a very effective recruitment platform that attracts people of all ages. Due to Instagram’s aesthetic layout, its users can absorb content rapidly, giving the site an edge in the increasingly cutthroat battle for users’ attention. Convinced? Lastly, we’ll go through how you can include Instagram into your strategy for finding and hiring new staff members.

Explain the values that drive your company.

There is a common misconception that having an Instagram account and posting photos with the message “we are hiring” would result in an influx of highly qualified applications. At the beginning, Instagram users will be drawn to posts that show what life is like behind the scenes at your company. You shouldn’t take Instagram too seriously since it’s designed to be a fun place to share photos and videos. The instagram job is essential there.

Because of this, what kind of photos or videos needs to be included into your content strategy?

People: Discussion on recent hiring, events, and successes within the staff This setting, which consists of an office, a few couches, and a coffee maker, is ideal for working. Some types of events include volunteer activities, group outings, educational lectures, and professional gatherings.

In a situation where recruitment is your only goal, you may be wondering why you’re being asked to complete so many extra steps. The objective is for them to get a feel for your company’s ethos and consider what it may be like to work there. High-quality images and videos inspire trust in a firm and are more likely to be shared by potential employees. Hence, when it is time to post an image announcing “we are hiring,” you will already have a significant fan base and a pool of applicants from whom to choose.

Choose the hashtags that best suit your needs

You should include a strategy for using Instagram hashtags in your content plan. Especially if you’re currently using a brand hashtag on other social media platforms, this is a must-have for maintaining brand integrity. In order to get in front of the people you want to see your content, you’ll need to employ some more clever hashtags.